Client Results
I have been working with Dani Lee for about 5 months. She has been an incredible coach and an inspiration to me. Her knowledge of what she teaches is beyond what I ever expected. While working with her I have experienced many breakthroughs and she had the answers I was looking for. She was instrumental in helping me push through many of my own barriers that held me back for years, and uncovering and dealing with past events that were key to moving forward in life. The strategies she brought to our sessions were interactive and life changing, a welcome difference from conventional therapy. I would leave our sessions with feelings of accomplishment and many ah ha moments. Her gentle and caring, yet firm approach was exactly what I needed. She made me feel safe when sharing personal details of my life. I highly recommend Dani Lee for any areas of personal conflict that may be holding you back in your life, she has been a huge part of my recent accomplishments, as she has helped me find within myself the confidence and missing pieces I have been searching for, for many years.

With much gratitude 

Colleen Williamson
Dani Lee is an amazing woman that I feel so grateful for, from the bottom of my heart. She has made time in her life to show me & others how to love themselves and just as important , she’s always had a talent/gift pin-pointing where people are ” stuck ” within themselves & she’s able to assist people in bringing their dreams to fruition! She has continued to show me, teach me, and guide me towards a better life.

I have such gratitude to Dani for assisting and coaching me through one of my toughest times in my life. She has guided me, inspired me and shown me a new way to think, live and love.

I am so grateful that she is a Life Coach, as this is clearly where she is an asset to people in need! No matter what the situation, she has a knowing-ness on what is needed.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Warmest wishes & much love

Kathleen Rothman
In my first year of recovery, I met Dani Lee. It was a time in my life where I felt so strong… yet so afraid. My treatment taught me so much about myself and my disease; the counsellors provided many tools to help me set out on a new path. However linking what I’d learnt and what I knew as reality was harder than a person might think.

Dani Lee helped me untangle my big ball of yarn and I soon saw how everything would string together. In fact, I started to feel almost grateful for having to go through everything otherwise I would never have learnt things like “acceptance”. I heard the words “my journey” referenced in counselling and I always felt they were referring to the climb I’d be on for the rest of my life trying to stay two steps ahead of what life was going to throw at me; as if it was just about my addiction. Dani Lee helped me realize that it is so much more. It means figuring out the deep wants, needs, regrets I have within that I stifled with my addiction; mainly because I lacked the confidence to pursue them.

I live everyday using the knowledge I’ve learnt from Dani Lee and life is so much clearer; simpler in many ways.

I will always be grateful.

Cheryl McMeekin
Dani Lee is someone who I owe a great deal to. From the moment I first spoke with her on the phone, I knew that I wanted to talk to her more. I was introduced to Dani Lee as a life coach by one of my counselors while I was in a treatment facility. We spoke a couple times when I was there and I continued to talk with her once I returned home. I looked forward to speaking to her each and every time that we had our appointments. I loved that she tailored our conversations and goals to meet my individual needs, I liked that she always remembered what I had going on in my life and what my dreams were for the future. I still use many of the tips and tools she gave me in my every day life and have seen first hand their benefits (as of others around me). Dani Lee taught me how to look at the glass half full and to celebrate all my little wins throughout my day! I was impressed by how even though a fair distance separated us, she made me feel comfortable and at ease when we spoke. She always made me smile when I picked up the phone, even if I was having a bad day. Dani Lee has been such an incredible person in my new life. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her lessons, her tools, but mostly her huge heart. I know that she is always someone who I can turn to in times of need. I highly recommend Dani Lee to anyone who needs some help, guidance or extra smiles in their life!


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