Dani Lee's Story
Dani Lee Milne
Dani Lee
is a coach, author, parent, mentor and business professional with over 20 years experience in community health care and social service. She lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia where she started her career as a support worker and group facilitator then transitioned to a case worker and program developer in female corrections. Dani Lee has a wide range of experience working with individuals and small groups where she has helped many people with addictions, depression, identity crisis, relationship challenges and parenting issues. She is skilled at honing in on the blocks and underlying beliefs that are holding people back from reaching their full potential. She draws on a myriad of strategies and techniques that help impart lasting and meaningful changes, often in a short period of time. 

Dani Lee’s passion for helping people transform their lives shines through in all her interactions. She is genuine and authentic in her approach where she offers caring and compassion to create a warm yet firm approach to healing. Certified through Robbins Madanes Training, as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she brings a wealth of experience from her vast education and skills training as well as her own personal journey of recovery.
Dani Lee Milne
Her Story
Dani Lee led a chaotic childhood growing up in an dysfunctional home, overcoming abuse, bullying and alcoholism . She ended up battling her own addictions and reached her bottom at 32 where she was introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous. She embraced the program and its principles with all her heart and turned her life around. Becoming passionate about helping herself and others in personal growth, she went back to school and she received her diploma in Community Social Service Work and began her work helping people overcome multiple-barriers. Having worked in the community at treatment centers and shelters she taught personal development and employment skills in small group settings. Dani Lee continued her skills training in group facilitation, conflict resolution, addictions and mental health.

Becoming a single mom, Dani Lee found she needed more stability and certainty in her life and began working within the government. She worked in welfare, corrections, reintegration, policy making, social programming, and community integration. In 2007, she went through what she calls her “nervous breakthrough”. She left the government and began her journey to her true calling.

Taking advantage of counselling, education, and self-discovery, Dani Lee went through her own physical, mental and emotional breakthroughs, curing herself from chronic back pain, coming back from a mental health diagnosis with all the pharmaceutical ramifications, and healing herself with natural methods, meditation and education. Dani Lee remained sober through everything, using the support and principles of the AA program. She continues her growth mindset hungry to learn about what she is passionate about in helping other through their own transitions; spirituality, fitness, nutrition, mind/body connection, shame/guilt, strategic intervention and human needs psychology.
Her Promise
Dani Lee is passionate about helping people uncover their blocks in order to reach their goals. Whether you have been stuck for a while, or want to take your life to the next level. She will work with you to create actions that create positive, lasting change in your life. If you are ready for a real life transformation and you like to be supported, gently pushed and kept accountable, she is your coach.

She is a genuine, compassionate healer and is very skilled at leading you on a journey within to uncover, discover and reveal what is holding you back from living your fullest, most meaningful life. A leader who does not just talk the language but has lived the journey through the ashes and back, and has done the work to demonstrate what the inner work can provide.

She can offer a real, genuine, heartfelt commitment to helping you breakthrough whatever is holding you back from living your most fulfilled life and reaching all your dreams.
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