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Meet Dani Lee Milne
Dani Lee is a coach, author, parent, mentor and business professional with over 20 years experience in community health care and social service. She lives in the lower mainland of British Columbia where she started her career as a support worker and group facilitator then transitioned to a case worker and program developer in female corrections. Dani Lee has a wide range of experience working with individuals and small groups where she has helped many people with addictions, depression, identity crisis, relationship challenges and parenting issues. She is skilled at honing in on the blocks and underlying beliefs that are holding people back from reaching their full potential. She draws on a myriad of strategies and techniques that help impart lasting and meaningful changes, often in a short period of time.
Dani Lee’s passion for helping people transform their lives shines through in all her interactions. She is genuine and authentic in her approach where she offers caring and compassion to create a warm yet firm approach to healing. Certified through Robbins Madanes Training, as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, she brings a wealth of experience from her vast education and skills training as well as her own personal journey of recovery.
★ Our Values ★
Our Top 7 Values:
  • Honesty: Our #1 priority - We are open & honest about absolutely everything; We have nothing to hide because we're only here to help you.
  •  Service: We promise to deliver the BEST, most valuable, most up to date information we possibly can. Take advantage of any webinars, videos, free reports, etc. that we offer (They're meant to help you!)
  •  Commitment: We want you to succeed; That's why we only share systems and strategies that ACTUALLY WORK.
  •  Follow Through: If we say we're going to do something, we're going to do it - We genuinely care about each and every one of our clients.
  •  Passion: This isn't just some money grab - We are passionate about what we teach and are excited to help others through our life-changing information.
  •  Integrity: We will never push you to do/buy anything - We're only here to serve you.
  •  Communication: Need to ask a question? We're here for you 7 days per week. Just click that "Contact" button up top and we'll be in touch shortly!
The Truth...
What is strategic intervention?
Get Real Results and Master The Skills That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level
Strategic Intervention (SI) is a way to identify and understand emotional patterns and relationship dynamics that cause anxiety, insecurity, conflict, and lack of direction. Through SI you will enjoy undoing these patterns and dynamics so that you can experience quality of life, love, and relationships that you deserve.

Sometimes you’re not sure what you need to feel, sometimes you have a serious dilemma. SI Coaching gets you unstuck, thinking creatively and energetically again.

In just a few sessions clients will begin to see big changes and find the breakthroughs they need in their life. Strategic Intervention Coaching is based on the belief in every individual to live the life they want. By understanding your strengths, needs and possibilities you create authentic purpose and happiness.

Your SI Coach will help you break through and achieve what is possible. Throughout your sessions you will become empowered to take action, transforming the relationship with yourself and others. At Strategic Intervention we value our client’s strengths, emotions, relationships and experiences, uncovering your true needs, and creating the life you dream of.

During your SI sessions you can count on doing, not only talking. By creating experience and emotions in ourselves, we have breakthroughs which begin in the session but extend into our lives and relationships. Coaching an individual means coaching all of their relationships, dreams, memories and emotions.
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